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flower water tube
Flower water pics / 20
Our Price: $3.00
Fill tube with water and feed flower stem through top.  Use water pics in fresh flower arrangements.  Great to use with our orbs to incorporate fresh flowers with artificial greens.  Flower water pics are 4"
Artificial Echeveria stem
Pretty succulent redish-orange edged flowers on a 10.5" stem. Mix artificial with real flowers and greens. Your echeveria stem will fit in nicely. Use in Sconce vase
bubble garland
Bubble String Garland
Our Price: $7.80
Garland has clear acrylic balls accented with silver beads on each side with a larger bubble at end of garland. Bubble string is 62" long with the larges bubble being about 1.25".
All items shown with bubble string garland are sold separately. See the
Jane bowl here
glass dew drops
Glass Dew Drops / 5
Our Price: $8.60
Limited time special: $7.80
Soften your flower arrangement and surroundings with glass dew drops or design your own dangles and create a piece that's just right for your centerpiece or your decor. Dew drop is 2.5" x 1.25". Five per package.
See Also water drops
Artificial lavender stems, 14"
Lavender Bundle / 7
Our Price: $8.90
Realistic appearance, artificial lavender bundle just adds a nice touch to any arrangement.  bundle comes with seven stems, 14" long.
Amaranth Green Tail Spray with lavender sprays, tea light pic in dome vase with diamond drops
Green tails on natural stem makes an interesting display. Pairs beautifully with with other colors. Stem is 26" long.
All items shown with stem are sold separately.
Mini bubble & water pearls candle centerpiece kit
Fresh centerpiece kit comes with pink tone flowers or crystal band and silver glitter balls. Bubble bowl is 4.5". One is perfect for a cocktail table, group them together on larger tables or line them up on your long table.
Centerpiece kit includes:
  • Mini bubble bowl
  • Votive cup with candle
  • Water pearls
  • Assorted flowers or crystal band & glitter balls
Glass Lotus Centerpiece Bowl
Glass Lotus Bowl
Our Price: $14.80
The lovely glass Lotus bowl for floating candles.  Float fresh flowers and add rocks for a centerpiece full of nature's beauty.  Glass bowl is 9.5" x 3.5". Items pictured with bowl are sold separately.
glass floating bubbles
Glass bubbles are 1.5". Clear bubbles are round and have a small pointed protrusion. Float bubbles with floating candles. mix with pearls or glue to your centerpiece or decorative arrangements. Come in packages of 12 bubbles. See also 1" bubbles
  • Clear glass bubbles
  • Come in packages of 12 bubbles
  • They float
  • 1.5" bubble
Feather Fern & Diamond Petal Candle Centerpiece kit
This centerpiece uses a 5" bubble bowl. The feather fern burst softens the display while the pink diamond petals bring the sparkle, but not too much. A touch of water gems keep plain pink petals and battery floating candle in place.
Kit includes:
  • Feather fern burst
  • 5" Bubble bowl
  • Diamond & plain petals
  • Battery Candle
  • Water gems