Floating Candles & Accessories
Affordable event centerpieces

November 2012

Floating Candles & Accessories
- affordable event centerpieces

Surroundings' selection of floating candle accessories remains popular because we believe candles symbolize the warmth and hope of life. We have devoted our energy and creativity to customer satisfaction, and want to share our confidence in what we do. Even in this tough economy, it is important to rejoice in style. A social gathering can be beautiful and affordable at the same time.
One thing is for certain: our elegant yet pure-and-simple designs reflect the current trends of the day. It is all about showing elegance in a display of light that effortlessly suspend luminosity in water-filled glassware adorned with striking crystal gems, glass bubbles, gels, submersible lights, and garlands. For example the Crystal Tree centerpiece is popular with many brides, because it is a classic motif. It is telling of the bliss of two lives joining. On the opposite side of the scale, a teenager, or quinceanera, may do well in selecting small accent spots of color and glitter. Our corporate clients often demand more clear-cut outlines such as the Lucy & bubbles centerpiece.

We serve a wide spectrum of distinguished clientele that includes patrons like Bebe, Anthropologie, Comcast, Auntie Anne’s, Harrah’s, Hilton & Sheraton hotels, and even the U.S. military. By the way, cheers to our women soldiers getting married this year!

We ship all over the U.S., Canada, and other countries using a third party, OPAS. Just give us a call to discuss the details. A consultant at Surroundings is eager to discuss your order over the phone. We are prepared to help you at once and look forward to creating a centerpiece that is perfect for your special event. Just tell us what color, design, and theme you want, and where to ship your package and we will make sure you get it in plenty of time for your event.

Local clients can keep in mind that our off-beat showroom is on Durham Road, in Tigard, at an eclectic and vibrant business park, neighboring award winning Portland businesses. Stop by and visit with us. Our hours are from 10-3 Monday through Friday.

Whether you are on the market for floating candles, pillars, decorative glassware, or utility candles it does not matter, because exploring is half the fun. The point is that Surroundings is conveniently located in the Portland area, and we offer custom centerpieces for your important celebration. Candle light has a timeless quality to it, yet offers a contemporary alternative to floral layouts. So, dare to shine bright. Clearly, quality is not about how much you spend -but how clever you are- with the inexpensive elements we offer you.

Cheers from Surroundings!