Glow in the Snow
a little candle history - December 2012

Glow in the Snow - a little candle history

Candles in the snow

A Glow in the Snow

What’s better than the warmth of a fireplace in winter?
Relaxing in candlelight.
And what is better than plain candlelight?
Candlelight flickering on snow.

Now we are getting warm! Here is how you can achieve the effect of casting a golden glow of light over snow, indoors, this winter.
Surroundings offers you snow kits to achieve it.

Candlelight is synonymous with seeing in the dark in conventional wisdom, which is why Light is part of our myths all over
the world. The image tells us that light is soulful and magical, particularly during the cold winter months when the days are
darker. The reverence for the light, of course, is as ancient as we are and it will never go out of style. It is practically part
f our brain tissue: light helps us thrive.

Every year the winter solstice falls on December 21st, marking it the shortest day on the calendar in the northern region.
This year, however, there is much talk about the Mayan calendar inflecting a cosmic shift. Well the truth is, the cosmos is
always in motion, and people in the north know this all too well. It is why the solstice is a big social event. In the Germanic
cultural tradition, they celebrate it by burning a log called Yule. The community gathers in joyful festivity to play in the snow.

Ancient history tells us that candle light has not just been useful to extend the day-light hours. CandleS were in the original
sense, time keepers, or clocks. Here at Surroundings, we are a practical bunch and know how important it is not to get
totally distracted when having a good time. Therefore, we offer candles that burn between 4 to 6 hours; it is the perfect
time frame for getting into fun-trouble. Also, we can offer you graceful vases and eye-catching oil lamps to create your
ideal winter-land.

Instead of piling snowflakes on the mantelpiece or the table, we thought it would be best to use simulated snow.

Here is how it works: all you have to do is mix the powder with water, and the snow appears instantly.

You can decorate the front of the house, a garden or pathway, the interior of the house, the bathrooms, you name it; with
light. Use artificial fairy lights if safety is a concern, and decorate around them with snow; then, add natural pine cones,
your favorite poem or prayer, just in case the Mayas are right about the oracle. Just kidding!

Keep in mind that the winter solstice is worth celebrating every year. Start your own tradition and be reminded that the
light that burns in our heart is worth celebrating frequently. All we have to do is light a candle and hold it dear.

Surroundings is grateful for your patronage!