Color Instincts
fine tune your color vibe - July 2014

Color Instincts - fine tune your color vibe

What are you celebrating this year?

If it is special to you, then it is worth celebrating in full color!
Allow Surroundings to inspire you. We invite you to pour through our product line, where you will find an appealing selection of displays. We offer complete centerpiece kits, easy to assemble, easy to look at. Treat your friends and loved ones to the beauty of color.

Candlelight creates magic and stirs the heart with feelings of warmth, intrigue and passion.
Like a simple poem, the trace of a candle-strand swaying in the air brightens the atmosphere instantly, because it allows life to breath through. Colors embody energy, so splashes of color fine-tune the vibe.

Take yellow, for instance, it simply dazzles us. Impressionist painters like Kandinsky and Matisse describe the world of color to us intimately as a sensuous and metaphysical place. Spontaneously, they said, color transforms the environment. Because yellow is a warm color it sweeps the eye. All we have to do is visualize Van Gogh’s sunflowers to get the idea. Speckled with white, yellow is both innocent and confident. A centerpiece arrangement that includes accent spot candles of yellow and green suddenly suggests an image of life in bloom.
Then again, love is always hot! So why not show your true passion with red rose candles entwined with crystal garlands and add suspended crystal heart.

Colors can have special meanings:

1. The higher energy of orange is irresistibly friendly.
2. Green reflects the hues of nature and growth.
3. Blue mirrors the color of the sky and communicates spiritual and intellectual balance, angels are said to like blue.
4. Brown grounds the mind in the same way a walk through the forest does.
5. If you want the royal treatment, try purple.
6. For graduations, consider black, which is an intelligent color.
7. Silver, inversely, protects and echoes the spirit of the moon.
8. Pink traditionally symbolizes heart-energy and the gentleness of love.
9. Gold is considered illuminative because it links the mind to contemplation, good for meditation.

There you go, now you know the basics of color. Before you pick your palette, experiment a little. We can help with the detail work. Dare to live life in your brightest light!