Hanging Decor
Hanging party decor - July 2015

Hanging Decor - Hanging party decor

Hanging decor can be so fun. It fills the otherwise empty air space with pretty flowers, sparkling crystals, greenery and other items that add
to your decoration themes. People love to look up and enjoy viewing suspended decorations that sway in light breezes outdoors and inside.

Paper lanterns are the most common event decor item that you'll see hanging at celebrations. But, more creative creations can be seen below.

Hang mini chimes on the end of a flower ball. They're pretty to look at and make a delightful magical sound.

How about stringing hanging glass bubbles of various sizes together for an elegant modern display.

Use acrylic crystal garland to create your own design or just hang it by itself to add extra bling and sparkle.

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