Baby's Breath
Flower embellishment & so much more! - October 2015

Baby's Breath - Flower embellishment & so much more!

Baby's breath is no longer just an embellishment for flower arrangements. A trend that continues in
popularity, it's being used for all kinds of decorating. While still being used as a filler for flowers, which
can be very beautiful, it's now being used alone as bouquets, boutineers, balls and pomanders, wreaths,
arches and probably more. Fresh baby's breath is easy to work with and stays fresh looking for a long time.
Consider using artificial baby's breath to reuse over and over again and not worry about watering.

This lovely plant has a way of adding airiness and as the name implies, softening the look of the display
and adding contrast to your decorative items. What more could you ask for? Whatever you try it's going to look great!

Take a look at this pinterest board to get some really beautiful ideas.

Baby's Breath Pinterest Board

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