Table Centerpiece Trees
A trend of trees is here to stay!

Table Centerpiece Trees - A trend of trees is here to stay!

The concept of creating tree or tree-like decor as table centerpieces is certainly evolving and what was once a
trend is now more a tradition. Wedding centerpiece trees is most commonly used but there are so many other
occasions trees are used for.

The decorative tree sometimes also has a purpose, such as a money tree, created to provide a financial gift
to the celebrated individuals; the wedding couple, birthday person, graduate or maybe new
homeowners. Such a fun idea watching the money tree grow!

Here are some common terms or sayings that speak to the symbolism and spiritual meaning of trees which I believe
has started this growth of decorating with trees. Some fun quotes hiding behind trees are; The Tree of life, The trees that
are slow to grow bear the best fruit - Moliere, One that would have the fruit must climb the tree - T. Fuller, Some people
are like trees they take forever to grow up, and so on. I'm sure you have your own in mind.

Take a look at this pinterest board to get your tree ideas.

Centerpiece Trees