Mercury Glass Centerpieces
Shabby Chic Shimmer! - December 2015

Mercury Glass Centerpieces - Shabby chic shimmer!

Mercury glass is so named because a mercury solution was used in between two walls of clear glass to create the desired silvered look.
The practice of using mercury was abandoned due to toxicity and expense but the name stuck.

Of course, today, mercury glass is made in many colors and in many shapes. Beautiful, popular centerpieces are created with

mercury glass pieces. The glass adds an elegant shimmer and a shabby chic mirrored surface to centerpieces and decorations.
Something else that's really popular today is creating a vintage feel in your decor creations and mercury glass certainly does that.

Here's a great article that speaks to the history of mercury glass. Click on link to view.

For the crafty one, make your own mercury glass. This do-it-yourself article looks very doable to us.

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