Decorating with Bubbles
Let your ideas float - March 2016

Decorating with Bubbles - Let your ideas float

The bubble shape is so popular for decorating and bubble themed parties are a regular occurrence for many types of events.

Hanging bubbles from ceiling or overhead are a fun way to create fantasy and an airy feeling to your event. An abundance of
of bubbles are needed to produce the dramatic effect and present that illusion you're after. Use hanging glass bubbles and try
filling in with clear balloons and bubble terrariums. Keep it simple and limit the colors to make it more sensational. You might try
jotting down a pattern of how you will hang elements to give you a place to start. Don't be afraid to veer off plan a little for a
more spontaneous, natural looking display.

Floating glass bubbles with floating candles are also very popular and make beautiful centerpieces. Showers, both baby and
wedding, are events that are repeatedly themed with bubbles.

Nothing screams bubble decor more than for champagne events!

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