Centerpieces for Corporate Events
Four Considerations - May 2016

Centerpieces for Corporate Events - Four considerations

Your corporate centerpiece
When deciding on a business centerpiece or a centerpiece for any other event, here are some factors to consider.

How much can you spend? Knowing your budget is important. More specifically, what's your budget for each
centerpiece. If your budget for centerpieces is $1000 and you need to decorate 20 tables then you know
you can spend $50 on each table centerpiece. This information is helpful as you start to shop. Don't forget shipping
costs if buying items on line.

Is there a theme? What are your colors? Do you need to match company colors or include a company logo?
These specifics are important to get you going in the right direction but try to create a more general idea of what you're
looking for so you don't limit options or narrow your focus when you start shopping. You don't want to miss an idea or a
display that may work great for you because your search is too specific. Also consider if you want candles, flowers, a
combination of both and any other elements you want to incorporate into your display. As you shop you may decide to
get a ready made centerpiece or design one that's more appropriate or more budget-friendly.

Who will set up the centerpieces? Will you be the one building the centerpieces or will you have helpers? Maybe an event
planner will be doing the work? Are they made off-site so they can just placed on the tables at your venue or is there some
assembly required? If there is assembly required, what tools will you need like scissors, tape, lighters or extra elements.
Also consider how much time to allow to complete the setup.

After Event
What to do with the centerpieces after event is over? They can be given away or turn them into a prize and raffle them
off. This can be a way to create more fun at your event. If it's a yearly event, you may want to keep some elements that you
will reuse like mirror platters, candle holders, vases, etc.

Have an extra centerpiece available. Once your venue is all set up, you'll always find another place where a centerpiece should
With a little forethought and preparation your event will look great and run smoothly!

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