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Decorating Ideas for all occasions - June 2016

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Party Ideas for All Events

Party ideas for decorating, for eating, for fun, for conversation, etc.

Don't limit your creativity by searching for party ideas specific to your event. Look at all event ideas for all kinds
of occasions and modify and mold idea to your theme. For example; a Halloween decoration consisting of a black rose
with an eyeball in the center could be changed to a white rose with pictures of bride and groom or a large acrylic
diamond in center. Take a babies breath wreath add some babies breath ears to turn it into a bunny for Easter celebrations.
Easter eggs can be colored and decorated to look like a pineapple for tropical themes. Lots of decorations just need a color
change to turn them into the right decoration for your event. Change decor color to gold or silver for anniversaries, black for
an over the hill party or pink or blue for baby shower celebrations.

Shaping foods
to suit your event is also a good way to enrich the decor. Cakes, cookies and cupcakes can be rearranged,
colored and stacked to match your party decorations. Rice crispy treats can be colored and molded to almost any shape you
and can be easy and fun to make.

Outdoor summer games and indoor games can also be modified with color and shape to match your event theme.
Games and activities are a great way to liven up the party. Have fun making them and have fun playing them!

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