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Acrylic flat gems Acrylic flat gems

Flat gems are similar to glass gems but are acrylic and weigh less. Available in purple and red. 4.5oz.

Our Price: $3.00
Glitter Glitter

Make your centerpiece sparkle with this 1/8" oversized glitter. Makes cleaning up easy. Each package contains 1.5 ounces of glitter.

Our Price: $3.00
Glittter Balls Glitter Balls

Sparkly glitter balls are about .5".  Each 8oz. package contains approximately 100 pieces.  Glitter balls float or for a creative unique look, suspend in water gems.

Our Price: $3.00
decorative acrylic crystals for centerpieces Mini Acrylic Crystals 4.5oz

Now, mini acrylic crystals!  Crystals are about 1/4" and are beautiful vase filler for your decorative displays.

Our Price: $3.00
Acrylic diamond drops Acrylic Diamond Drops 4.5 oz.

Acrylic diamond drops are about .25" and come in packages of 4.5oz. Compliments any candle or flower arrangement.

Our Price: $3.20
decorative acrylic crystals for centerpieces Acrylic crystals 4.5oz

For a shimmering effect use acrylic crystals. Approximate size is 1". 4.5 oz. bags have about 40 pieces.

Our Price: $3.40
Red acrylic hearts for decorating and centerpieces Acrylic sweethearts /16

Clear red sweethearts measure about 1.25". Fun modern shape makes them great as vase filler or table scatter and more.  Each package contains 16 hearts.

Our Price: $3.40
Decorative pearls Decorative Pearls, 15mm

Say romance, elegance and sophistication with creamy pearls. Try stringing together. 24 oversize pearls per package.

Our Price: $3.40
12" acrylic corded diamond tassel Diamond Tassel 12"

Wrap around our cylinder vases. Small tassel has a 12" cord and large tassel has a 20" cord. Diamond drop is 1.25".

Our Price: $4.00
Decorative pearls Decorative Pearls, 8mm

Say romance, elegance and sophistication with creamy pearls. Each 2oz. package contains about 220 pieces.

Our Price: $4.00
Red acrylic hearts for decorating and centerpieces Acrylic cupid hearts

Acrylic hearts are approximately 5/8".  Perfect item to scatter on tables for weddings and Valentine's day.  Each package contains 50 hearts.

Our Price: $4.00
Glass gems Glass gems

Splash some color in to your candle bowl or vase. Comes in cream, lavender, pearl white, black, periwinkle, cobalt, sky blue, green, red, pink, clear. 12 oz package contains about 100 gems.

Our Price: $4.20
Blue Sea Glass Blue Sea Glass

Add color to your nautical decorations with blue sea glass.  Package comes in a 12 oz. size.

Our Price: $4.20
4' Acrylic crystal octagon shaped garland Acrylic Crystal Garland 4'

Acrylic crystal garland comes in 4' lengths. Each octagon shaped, acrylic crystal is .75" and is connected with easy, removable jump rings to adjust to desired lengths.

  • 4' lengths
  • .75" octagons
  • Silver jump rings

Our Price: $4.40
Acrylic Round Centerpiece Mirror, 6" Acrylic Round Centerpiece Mirror, 6"

Add 6" round centerpiece mirror to complete and anchor your centerpiece.

Our Price: $4.50
glitter glass pebbles Glittered glass pebbles

Subtle clear pebbles softly fancies up your decor and centerpiece.  A few pebbles is all you need to enhance and finish your display. Glitter is embedded in glass.  Each package contains 10 ounces of pebbles.  You may also purchase in larger bulk packages.

Our Price: $4.60
pearl bands Pearl Bands / 3

Embellish your small cylinders with pearl bands. Pearls are 7mm and will fit 2" - 2.5" diameter cylinders.  Three bands per package.

Our Price: $4.90
Glass Seashells Glass Seashells

A natural accessory for your seascape centerpiece. Glass shell are about 1" & come in packages of about 32 pieces.

Our Price: $5.00
Glittered orb stem Glittered orb stem

Create interest and and whimsy with 22" orb stem.

Our Price: $5.00
Glass ladybugs, shamrocks and daisies Glass shamrocks, ladybugs or flowers / 9

Scatter glass shapes on table around centerpiece.  Select red ladybugs, yellow and white daisies, red and orange daisies or, green four leaf clovers. Nine 1" pieces in each package.

Our Price: $6.60
Sale Price: $5.20
Corded diamond tassel, 20" Diamond Tassel 20"

Wrap around your cylinder vases, tie to end of runners, hang on backdrop fabric or create your own decor idea.  You'll love them!  Small tassel has a 12" cord and large tassel has a 20" cord. Diamond drop is 1.25".

Our Price: $5.20
Diamond cupid mix Acrylic Diamond Cupid Mix

Mix includes approximately 150 10mm clear acrylic diamonds and approximately 25 20mm red or pink acrylic diamond hearts.  Scatter this mix on table to say what your event is all about!

Our Price: $5.40
Bead rings Bead / Pearl Rings 2.25"

Bead ring has an inside diameter of 2.25" - 2.37".  Dresses up  votive cups, cylinder votives and many bud vases.  

Our Price: $5.60
Decorative pearls in assorted sizes Decorative pearls, assorted sizes

Pearls come in three sizes and are creamy ivory color.  Color may vary from batch to batch.

Our Price: $5.90
Glass water drops for centerpiece decorating Glass Water Drops / 5

Soften the mood of your arrangements with glass water drops or design your own dangles and create an enchanting design that's just right as your centerpiece or your decor. Water drop is 4.5" and comes five to a package. Please call 800-822-8171 to inquire. Swirl hooks are sold separately.
See also Dew drops

Our Price: $6.00
Limited time special: $5.20
Glass gems Glass gems

Splash some color in to your candle bowl or vase.

Our Price: $6.00
Glass orbs Glass Orbs /7

Glass orbs are 1 3/8", look very cool in your favorite vase & come 7 in a pkg.

Our Price: $6.00
2" Blue glass dolphins Blue Dolphins / 6

2" blue glass dolphins come in packages of 6. Let playful, cute dolphins swim into your centerpiece.

Our Price: $6.00
2.5" acrylic clear flower with slant bowl and large rose candle Acrylic Flower, Clear /6

Clear acrylic 2.5" flower are neutral to use with many decor themes.  Use glue dots to secure to vases, bowls or floral displays.  Mix with diamond drops and scatter on table around your centerpiece.  Flowers have a hole for hanging and beading and also a wire loop on back. Six flowers per package.

Our Price: $6.00
Iridescent glitter decorative snowflakes 4" Iridescent Glitter Decorative Snowflakes /12

With iridescent sparkle, these plastic decorative snowflakes are perfect for snowy themes. Snowflakes come in three sizes, 4", 6" and 8" .

Our Price: $6.40