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floating gold glass bubbles, 2" floating Antique gold glass bubbles, 2" Acrylic flat gems
Gold Glass Bubbles 2"
Our Price: $1.80
Acrylic Flat Gems
Our Price: $3.20
Limited Time Sale Price: $2.90
Glittter Balls Iridescent plastic Shred Glitter
Glitter Balls
Our Price: $3.00
Iridescent Shred
Our Price: $3.00
Glitter, oversized
Our Price: $3.20
Red acrylic hearts for decorating and centerpieces Blue Teal Crystals Blue Sea Glass
Acrylic Cupid Hearts
Our Price: $4.00
Blue Sea Glass
Our Price: $4.20
decorative acrylic crystals for centerpieces Red acrylic hearts for decorating and centerpieces Decorative pearls
Acrylic Crystals 4.5 oz
Our Price: $4.40
Acrylic Sweethearts /16
Our Price: $4.40
Decorative Pearls, 8mm
Our Price: $4.40
Decorative pearls pearl bands glitter glass pebbles
Decorative Pearls, 15mm
Our Price: $4.60
Pearl Bands / 3
Our Price: $4.90
Glittered glass pebbles
Our Price: $4.90
Glass gems Pebble Gem Mix 4' Acrylic crystal octagon shaped garland
Glass gems
Our Price: $5.20
Pebble Gem Mix
Our Price: $5.20
Glass Leaf 12" acrylic corded diamond tassel Glass Seashells
Diamond Tassel 12"
Our Price: $5.60
Glass gems Decorative pearls in assorted sizes Acrylic Round Centerpiece Mirror, 6"
Glass gems
Our Price: $6.00
2" Blue glass dolphins Corded diamond tassel, 20" glass dew drops
Blue Glass Dolphins / 6
Our Price: $6.40
Diamond Tassel 20"
Our Price: $6.40
Glass Dew Drops / 3
Our Price: $6.40
Diamond cupid mix Glass ladybugs, shamrocks and daisies Glittered branch stem
Heart Diamond Cupid Mix
Our Price: $6.60
Glass Shapes / 9
Our Price: $7.00