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Containers for candles including lanterns, candle trays, terrariums,
tea light holders, hanging votive cups, sconces and more.
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Glass tea light holder for floating tea lights Glass Lace Vase Glass House Terrarium
Glass Lace Vase
Our Price: $13.40
Glass House Terrarium
Our Price: $31.00
Pink Ribbed Mercury Votive Ceramic Mini Golden Pot, 3" Tea Light Bubble Candle Holder
Mini Golden Pot
Our Price: $5.40
Pedestal Cylinder vase Sydney metal tray Avery Scalloped Votive Cup
Pedestal Cylinder, small
Our Price: $11.00
Sydney Tray
Our Price: $12.00
Avery Scalloped Votive Cup Glass & Ceramic Terrarium Mini Ceramic Pot
Glass & Ceramic Terrarium
Our Price: $42.00
Mini Ceramic Pot, white
Our Price: $8.00