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Clear Glass Barrel Votive Cup
Barrel Votive Cup
Our Price: $1.80
New shape of clear glass votive cup.  a little taller and slicker with a nice rounded shape with a slight flare. Votive cup is 2" x3"
Wired Bubble, 2"
Wired Bubble, 2"
Our Price: $4.80
2" Bubble wrapped in gold wire mesh has a natural look. Incorporate into your centerpiece, box as a favor or hang as part of a backdrop. Also looks great with nautical decor.
Pink Ribbed Mercury Votive
Mercury votive cup is a great accent piece with its soft, antique pink tone.  Ribbed votive cup is 2.5" x3.5".  Brown Rustic Wire is sold separately
hydro stones for air plants and terrariums
Hydro Stones, 1 qt
Our Price: $5.20
Hydro stones is the perfect medium for air plants. As air plants don't need a lot of water, they do need water to survive. Stones will hold water and keep the air moist in between watering.

Hydro stones helps to create optimal growing conditions in many applications because it holds moisture to maintain the perfect air and water balance. Also ideal for terrariums and hydroponic growing. Mix with dirt for natural aeration or layer at base of plants to prevent root rot.

Made of 100% recycled products. Use stones in plant centerpieces for a natural look and performance.
Ceramic Mini Golden Pot, 3"
Mini Golden Pot
Our Price: $5.40
Create stunning displays with rich, golden color of small pot.  Exotic design of ceramic pot will add beautiful contrast to any floral arrangements or a floating candle! Mini pot is 3" tall x 3.25" wide at base x 2.5" opening.
mini glass  bubble vase
Decorate with these delicate glass bubble vases.  Use 3" vase for a single flower.  Just add a little water and place flower head on top.  You can also create mini terrarium displays.  Check out our pinterest page to get ideas for decorating with bubble vases. See quantity discounts for this vase.
Polished river pebbles
River Pebbles, 28 oz
Our Price: $6.00
Polished river pebbles come in 28 oz packages or approximately 2 cups in volume.  Pebbles are great for floating candle centerpieces, as table scatter and so much more.  Available in multi-color or black.
Pebbles & Wood Mini floating candle Centerpiece Kit
Cute mini candle kits sit on mini birch wood rounds. Includes pebbles, black or multi-color.  Add to your tablescape and use to enhance and ground taller centerpieces. All centerpiece elements also sold separately. Candle burns up to 4 hours.
Wood Slab Riser
Wood Slab Riser
Our Price: $9.90
6" irregular wood slab riser is great for slightly lifting centerpieces, vases and decorative items.  Slab is 1.2 thick is 6" wide.
Flower & Doily Centerpiece
This centerpiece uses 7.5" Tall shapely, Lexi vase. Off-white crocheted doily adds a homey and elegant feel. Comes with large gold pearls and a silk flower. Flower color will vary.
  • Lexi vase
  • Crochet doily
  • Floating battery candle
  • Silk flower and gold pearls