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Iridescent Fringed String
Decorate with iridescent fringed white string. Use to hang vases and ornaments. Tie around packages, secure favor bags and boxes. Great for gift baskets. Includes 10 yards. Items pictured with string are sold separately. Items shown with string:
clear water tube
Water Tubes / 10
Our Price: $6.00
Fill water tube with water, cap off, insert stem and you're done.  Clear acrylic water tubes allows flowers or stems to shine.  String them together for hanging d├ęcor.  Place several floral filled water tubes in a vase and invite your guests to take a flower. Acrylic flower water tubes are 3.75" and come 20 tubes per package.
white 3" Foam Roses
Foam Floating Roses / 6
Our Price: $10.00
White foam roses are pretty floating with candles or submerged with candles floating above.  Submerged roses must be anchored down, as they want to float.  Roses have two loops on bottom for attaching small floral accents or tie together and create a floating bouquet. An elastic loop is also attached to use as napkin rings or place on wrists.  3" roses come in packages of six.  Items pictured with roses are sold separately.
Gold Mercury Glass Chalice
Beautiful gold chalice is a silver lined mercury glass with a soft gold hue. Small glass piece is great for cocktail tables and even larger tables. Items shown with chalice are sold separately. Sold individually.
Kissing ball Orb & Riser Centerpiece Kit

Seven centerpiece elements make up this stunning centerpiece. 6" hydrangea kissing ball orb sits atop, hydro stone filled, 4" bubble bowl. Acrylic votive riser and bouquet in votive cylinder harmonize beautifully with orb. Use this centerpiece for all kinds of events. All you see is included.
Centerpiece kit includes the following:

  • 4" bubble bowl
  • Votive cylinder
  • Votive riser
  • Candle in cup, votives
  • hydro stones
  • anemone bouquet
  • Hydrangea orb