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Glass tea light holder for floating tea lights
Floating tea light holders add a pretty, delicate touch to your centerpiece. Float in vases or bowls and add decorative beads, for color, to tea light. Also use 3" floating glass to hold and float flowers.
Glass Lace Vase
Glass Lace Vase
Our Price: $13.40
Float a candle or use for flower arrangements.  Glass lace vase is made of heavy glass with a scalloped skirt and other pretty details.  Vase is 4" wide, stands 5.5" tall and has a 2.625" opening.  Items shown with vase are sold separately.
Cement Natural Tripot
Cement Natural Tripot
Our Price: $14.00
Like three pots nestled into one.  Bring the garden to table with natural colors of cement tripot.  Add flowers and succulents, and even a candle for a beautiful trio element display. Pot is 7" wide and 3.75" tall.
1" floating glass bubbles for floating candle centerpieces
Compliment floating candle centerpieces with floating glass bubbles or add to floral displays, gift boxes and more. Clear glass bubbles are approximately 1". Bubbles have a small 1 to 3 mm pinhole. Hole may be sealed with clear tape or glue when floating in water, but will float without sealing. Hand made bubbles will vary slightly in size and shape. 8 Bubbles per package.
Hydrangea Kissing Ball
Hydrangea Kissing Ball
Our Price: $15.60
Beautiful white hydrangea kissing ball can be used over and over.  Neutral color works well with many themes and color schemes.  Kissing ball is 6".
Baby Blossoms Square Floating Candle Centerpiece Kit
A lovely centerpiece that's easy to set up and beautiful to look at and within budgets. The contrast of white glass gems and baby blossoms makes for a striking small display. Square glass is 4" x 4" and floats a 3" candle.
  • 4" Cube glass
  • White glass gems
  • White 3" floating candles
  • Baby blossoms
Votive Tower & Fern Burst Candle Centerpiece Kit
Fern burst flares out on top of votive tower. Easy set up centerpiece is not too tall to block view across table but still looks substantial. Available in several colors. Centerpiece is 10" wide X 12.5" tall.
  • 12" Votive Tower
  • Fern Burst
  • Cube Votive Cup & Tea Light Candle
  • Acrylic Diamonds
Gold Tommy Vase Set of three
Gold Tommy Vase Set of 3
Our Price: $23.00
Different design for each gold aluminum bud vase. This set of three will look so great on your event table. Every color goes well! Vases are 2" x 6". Greenery and items shown with vases are sold separately.
Lace Vase & Hydrangea centerpiece
Minimalist centerpiece keeps things simple. Add accent colors to white topped centerpiece. White 6" hydrangea kissing ball rests on top of glass lace vase. Votive cups and tea lights are not included. Centerpiece includes:
  • Glass lace vase, 5.5" tall
  • 6" Kissing ball
Floating Raised Rose Centerpiece Kit
Beautifully neutral centerpiece uses 5.5" white floating rose. Super easy setup, perfect for weddings, showers, corporate events and more. Cylinder is 7" tall, with the overall height of centerpiece being 11".
This centerpiece kit includes:
  • Cylinder bowl & Stand
  • Floating rose
  • Bead garland