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floating sprig greens Wood Slices, unfinished Tinsel Table Tree
Wood Slices / 10
Our Price: $2.90
Tinsel Table Tree
Our Price: $11.00
Feather Fern Burst Pink Diamond Petals / 12 Artificial Echeveria stem
Feather Fern Burst
Our Price: $8.00
Chickadee Decorative Bird Cage Baby's Breath Kissing Ball Amaranth Green Tail Spray with lavender sprays, tea light pic in dome vase with diamond drops
Artificial lavender stems, 14" Red wooden hearts Boxwood 7" orb
Lavender Bundle / 7
Our Price: $8.90
Wood Diamond Hearts / 6
Our Price: $4.20
Boxwood Orb 7"
Our Price: $12.00