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Glass bubbles, flower rings, tea light holders, name holders, double loop bubbles...
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2.5" Square flare glass bowl tea light pics for centerpieces Glass tea light holder for floating tea lights
Glass Square Flare, 4"
Our Price: $6.00
Tea Light Pic
Our Price: $9.00
Glass hanging votive cup floating gold glass bubbles, 2" Set of three pillow heart dangles
Hanging Votive Cups
Our Price: $5.00
Gold Glass Bubbles 2"
Our Price: $1.80
Double loop hanging glass bubbles, 60mm Double loop hanging bubbles, 80mm. Floating glass flower ring
Iridescent Glass Ball pics, 1.5" test tube bud vase, 6" Dome glass bud vase
Dome glass bud vase set of 3
Our Price: $26.00 More coming: August 2022