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Containers used as terrariums and terrarium planting and growing accessories and terrarium decor items.
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Glass Rose Glow Candle Holder All Glass Dome Terrarium Glass Bubble Dome & plate Terrarium
Rose Glow Candle Holder
Our Price: $18.00
All Glass Domed Terrarium
Our Price: $18.00
Glass House Terrarium hydro stones for air plants and terrariums Polished river pebbles
Glass House Terrarium
Our Price: $31.00
Hydro Stones, 1 qt
Our Price: $7.20
River Pebbles, 28 oz
Our Price: $6.00
mini glass  bubble vase Glass & Ceramic Terrarium Hanging bubble vase
Glass & Ceramic Terrarium
Our Price: $42.00
faux moss rocks
Faux Moss Rocks / 4
Our Price: $9.20