Centerpiece ideas you put together yourself, for corporate party events, wedding receptions, company award banquets, rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, birthdays, funerals, showers, graduations and more.

Age of amethyst bowl with foam roses and classic heart candles
Age of Amethyst bowl - Foam roses - Classic hearts
Annora bowl with twinkle heart, glitter balls and bead garland
Annora Bowl with Gold Bead Garland
Bead garland, glass gems and accent spot candles
Bead garland

Niche Vase
Niche vase
Angel Wings
Angel wings

Maria Vase
Maria Vase

Centerpiece with bead gard, feather cuffs & gold pots
Gold Pots
All Fall Leaves Centerpiece
All Leaf Set
Blue teal crystals
Blue Teal Crystals

Glitter Balls
Rose Petals
Rose Petals
Pearled Maria Centerpiece Kit
Pearled Maria Centerpiece Kit

Wire spheres
Wire spheres
Fall Candles
Fall Floating Candles

Vase Feather Cuffs
Feather Cuffs
Floating Candle Centerpiece with Bead Garland
Bead Garland

Floating Candle Centerpiece with Round Floating Candles
Round Floating Candles

Blue Rose Petals
Rose Petals

Glass Tapers
Floating candle centerpiece with bay leaf wreath
Bay Leaf Wreath

Hydrangea centerpiece with organza wrap
Organza Vase Wraps

Rose Petals
Rose petals

Floating Candle Centerpiece with Decorative Birds
Decorative Birds